Podiatry Services

You are in the right place if you want a super friendly & fun footcare specialist, who keeps you on your toes, because THEY LOVE…

Making feet super smooth
The challenge of troublesome nails
Finding ‘corny’ jokes to entertain
Being super gentle when easing ingrowing toenails
Thinking holistically and have evolved their approach to Verrucas over 20 years of care
Considering the mind-body connection when looking at mysterious foot problems

I split my time between Southampton & London

with a BSc (hons) degree in Podiatry and diplomas in reflexology/NLP/Hypnosis my perspective has evolved from its medical roots to become much more holistic. 

Making me the perfect foot specialist for people with a more alternative/unconventional outlook.

I understand and respect my conventional medical knowledge, I’m happy to cross refer to my more traditional colleagues if required, but for some I’m a rare gem who is happy to mix convention with my complementary training, this means I’m often sought after to offer options when traditional medicine fails to come up with an answer.

If you have a foot problem thats baffling you, drop me a message and see if I can help.


Standard Footcare Services…

New Patient £45

Assessment with Treatment, first visit can take around 40-60 minutes

Follow Up £40

For clients seen within last two years, Nails cut and filed and removal of hard skin etc  Session timescale approx 20-30 minutes

Simply Nails £30

Special rate for regular pre-booked appointments.  Just nails, no skin removal.  session timescale approx 15-20 minutes


Specialist Podiatry Services…


First appointment £45

Assessment with treatment if required, first visit can take up to 40-60 minutes

Follow Ups £15-25  

monitoring/treatment, timescale approx 15-20 minutes

Ingrowing Toenails

Local Anaesthesia £75

Treatment for one toe using LA, to numb the toe and clear away ingrowing nail, includes a check up.  Additional toes in same session £10 each.  session timescale 40-60 minutes.

Nail Surgery £350

Treatment for one toe using LA, to numb the toe and clear away ingrowing nail and use phenol to prevent the nail from regrowing, includes up to 4 check ups and unlimited communication via text/whatsapp.  Additional toes in same session £25 each.  session timescale 60-90 minutes





Samantha Richards-Hall - Holistic Podiatrist

-BSc (hons) Podiatry – Diploma in Reflexology – Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis- Energy Interference Patterning – Oracle/Tarot Card Reader –

1997: My journey with footcare started when I attended The University of Southampton to study Podiatry, after graduating I proceeded to freelance in both the NHS and Private Sector as a Podiatrist/Chiropodist, becoming a frequently requested locum, as I’m naturally very friendly, efficient and gentle at providing care.

2005: Acquired Plymouth Podiatry Practice and worked happily there for five years, expanding my skills to include Reflexology, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis & Energy Interference Patterning training. I focused a lot on my own personal development and studying in the realms of holistic health.

2010: Returned to my home town of Southampton, to be close to my family after the birth of my Nephew, where I continued to freelance as a Podiatrist.

2011: Sabbatical time, took six months away to pursue my love of photography.  Jumped on a ship and sailed around the Med and Caribbean as a Cruise Ship Photographer, spending quality time developing my photography skills/confidence and meeting my future husband.

2012:  Missing the joys of being able to help people with their healthcare, I started a local Footcare/podiatry practice at Solent Business Centre.

2014:  Joined the team at Solent NHS part-time and enjoyed the diversity of the challenge of NHS feet and being able to work with other clinicians again

2016:  Moved up to Lincolnshire to be with my husband when he got posted there with work. With an established practice full of fabulous clients in Southampton, I continued to return every few weeks to see them, my family and any new clients that come my way.2

2019:  Relocated again, this time to London, back working for Buckinghamshire NHS and now Central North West London NHS, in the hospital clinics with the consultants, attempting to keep the amputation rates down, one set of feet at a time.  

My approach is very holistic, I see people as a whole, and take into consideration that our lives are all very different and signs and symptoms in the body, can have multiple reasons for manifesting.

If you have a question about your foot health, and have searched else where, or had little luck with more conventional health professionals,  I am able to offer a different perspective.

If you’d like to consult with me about your feet,  I am available in person in Southampton or over the telephone/skype/facetime.  Feel free to get in contact, Im always happy to talk feet.

If you are already holistically minded and have seen my blogs/vlogs and would like to work with me around the bigger subject of your health and wellbeing, then please feel free to contact me