Check list on day of surgery

TRANSPORT: Arrange transport to and from your appointment, you may not be insured to drive whilst your toe is numb.

FOOTWEAR: Bring open toed shoes/sandals to accommodate a large dressing

ENTERTAINMENT: Bring a book/tablet/phone to use during the procedure to help distract and calm you. People often find the use of headphones a great way to zone out, before, during and after the procedure. 

FOOD: Eat and drink normally before you attend your appointment, make sure to have had some food in the lead up to avoid risk of feeling light headed. 

TIMING: Allow 60-90 minutes for your procedure, we look to go at your pace, if you need extra time to relax before your anaesthetic, we cater for this and allow plenty of time to make sure your toe is numb before we proceed. 


  • Remove toe nail varnish, 
  • take your medication as usual, unless we have advised you differently at your assessment.
  • Inform us if there are any changes to your health or medication
  • Arrange childcare for young children, they are unable to be present during the procedure. 

IMPORTANT: Advise us if you have had anaesthetic in the last 24 hours prior to your nail surgery. eg dental treatment. 

Potential Complications/Risks

Nail Regrowth: This is uncommon but may occur in some cases.

Delayed Healing: Optimal healing is usually 4-8 weeks, but this can be longer depending on your age and medical conditions.

Phenol Burn: Occasionally the phenol spreads to the surrounding skin causing a blister

Infection: If the toe becomes red, hot, painful or swollen, seek advice from your podiatrist or GP

Adverse Reaction to anaesthetic: This is very rare, but you need to advise us if you have had any previous reactions or if this is your first time having local anaesthetic.

Nerve Irritation: In rare cases, the nerve can be damaged close to the injection site, causing temporary numbness or altered sensation for 12 months or more. 

Hours After the surgery

Your toe will be numb for a few hours after the operation. 

PAIN: If there is pain, throbbing or discomfort as sensation returns, use the painkillers that you would normally take for a headache, but avoid Aspirin and Aspirin based produce eg, Anadin

BLEEDING: There is little or no bleeding during the procedure; however bleeding may occur afterwards as you move around so it is important to rest with your feet elevated for the rest of the day.

If there is further bleeding or oozing, keep the surgery dressing on and add extra glaze over the dressing, and elevate the leg higher.  If you become concerned, please feel free to contact us via telephone, its possible to send us a photo of the dressing we can help give you peace of mind of whats normal. 

DO NOT REMOVE THE DRESSING or get it wet until your review appointment. 

Avoid alcohol for 24 hours and avoid driving for a minimum of 12 hours as you may not be insured (may vary per insurance company)

You should be able to go to work/school the next day, providing it is possible to wear an open toed shoe. 

Long Term Advice

The average healing time is 4-8 weeks

At your first redressing appointment, we will remove the surgical compression dressing and we will shoe you how to redress your toe.