dadTom Hall

23rd May 1952 - 1st June 2023

Tom Hall Memorial

Saturday 1st July - 10.30am

Lakeside Country Park,

Wide Lane,


SO50 5PE


Bring a picnic, stay for as long or short as you like.

11am = Uncle Pete Will launch some "special Boilies" into the lake in Tom's Honour

Come along to remember and share your memories of Tom


DRESS CODE: DRAG QUEEN!.. Snow Suits... or just what every you feel comfortable in at the side of a public lake ;)


CAFE ON SITE: Expensive and slow (recommend your own refreshments, we will have a few sandwiches)

PARKING: No restrictions on Saturdays. 



kings armskings arms

THE WAKE - 1pm onwards...

Kings Arms

8 Church Street


SO15 5LF

1pm onwards = Uncle Brady is leading the way in toasting the life and times of Tom Hall, and is encouraging everyone to join him at the Kings Arms (JD&Coke is optional)